CARE INTRUCTIONS for a longer lasting swimsuit

ALWAYS rinse in clear cold water, or cold hand wash in very mild soapy water to remove perspiration, suntan lotions, oils and chemicals. Never leave to soak.             

Hang out immediately, drip dry out of direct sunlight.

AVOID rough surfaces, excessive contact with suntan oils and lotions, over chlorinated and over heated spas and pools ….in  excess, all will damage the fabric fibres.

DO NOT  use strong detergent or fabric softeners, bleach, leave rolled up wet, or dry clean, iron, spin or tumble dry.

No fabric is guaranteed for over chlorinated and over heated spas and pools. Regular pool swimmers should use a chlorine resistant swimsuit.

Particular care should be taken with contrasting colours in the one swimsuit. Even though the best possible dyes available world wide are used, colours may transfer if left bundled up wet. Drip dry immediately out of direct sunlight.

Useful Tips

• To remove sand from swimsuit, allow to dry, stretch out your swimsuit and flick the fabric, the sand falls out easily.

• Choose the right swimsuit for your needs.

Minimize colour loss in fluro or bright colour
(Only for nylon/ elastane fabrics)

• Soak your new swimsuit in a mixture of vinegar and water for 30 minutes only. (1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 litre of water). Do not rinse out the vinegar; swimsuit needs to dry with vinegar in it. Dry inside.

• If bright or fluro colours go streaky, then gentle machine wash separately in cold water (use a  lingerie bag). The gentle agitation of the machine wash will make the streaks disappear.

• Never use warm or hot water and always wash separately.

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